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Renovations Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home

It's in our nature as humans to constantly try to improve ourselves and our surroundings. This naturally extends to our living quarters and for homeowners it means renovations of differing degrees. It can be as simple as giving the cabinets a facelift or as involved as adding an entirely new floor. Home renovations are a great way to transform the look of a home into a new and exciting space while increasing the resale value. When the decision to renovate is made, choose a company that makes it as easy, cost-effective, while causing the least amount of disruption to your lifestyle as possible.

Home Additions Are a Cost-Effective Investment

In a lot of cases it is possible to simply outgrow your available living space. If your family is growing, adding a new addition can be the perfect way to accommodate the increased need for space while also increasing the value of your domestic dwelling with added additional square footage. If you work from home, building a new home office is an increasingly worthwhile venture. Home additions are constantly shown to have the best return-on-investment of all home renovations. Modular Home Additions provides industry-leading service and innovation to help you get the most out of your addition.

Don't Leave Your Renovations to Chance

We've all heard the horror stories of renovations gone wrong. Stories of how the estimate was grossly underestimated or the finished work did not match what the customer requested. Remove all the guesswork and chance for error by choosing a contracting company that prides itself on delivering on-time and at budget. Modular Home Additions will be with you from the very first design idea straight through to the very end of the installation process. You can choose a predesigned unit or custom design your addition to your needs. The process for building your new addition is innovative and efficient. Components are factory-built off-site in order to minimize cost and decrease production time. This eliminates the chances of unforeseen costs and ensures that the estimate is as close to the finished cost as possible. The addition is usually delivered to your site at least partially preassembled, exceptionally reducing installation time and resulting in the least amount of disruption for you and your family.
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